Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Delicious Ratatouille!!!!!

Hey friends,

Today I was not in a mood to make as usual regular meal of Dal, Sabzi, and Roti. So I thought let's find some shortcut. And presto!!! I discovered something very new and fantastic.

I wanted to make Potato Wadges (Baked Potatos) but ended up with Ratatouille :)

Okay before going into the detail of it let's first have a look at the ingredients

4pc      Potato
1/2pc   Cabbage
6pc      Baby Carrots
1pc      Onion
1pc      Green Onion
1pc      Green Bell Pepper (Capscum)
2pc      American Cheese Slice
2pc      Tomato
3tbs     Oil (Olive/General Cooking Oil)
1/2tbs  Black Pepper
1/2tbs  Dried Cumin Powder
1/2tbs Curry Powder/Garam Masala
Cilantro Leaves/Dhaniya ki patti (for Garnishing)
Salt According to taste

  1. Wash and peel potatos and cut 3 potatos in equal 8 halves such that each make a shape of half moon.
  2. Cut 1 left potato to make thin slices that will be used for covering the dish.
  3. Cut the cabbage into fine equal size.
  4. Peel the carrots and make either thin slices or small wadges.
  5. Make thin slices of tomatoes by using a slicer.
  6. Make thin rings of onion by using slicer.
  7. Cut green bell pepper into equal moderate pieces as we make for noodles.
  8. In a bowl put potato pieces and slices.
  9. Add oil, salt, black pepper powder, dried cumin powder and curry powder and mix well.
  10. In an electric pot spread the aluminum foil evenly and grease it with some oil.
  11. Now gradually add Potato Wadges coated with oil at the base of it connected to each other.
  12. Over the layer of Potatos make the layer of cabbage evenly.
  13. Likewise make the layers of carrots and bell pepper.
  14. On this spread the cheese slices evenly.
  15. Over the layer of cheese add the layer of onion, green onion and tomato slices.
  16. At the top evenly spread the thin slices of potatos to cover the complete pot.
  17. Preheat the Oven at 430 F and place the pot for 25 minutes. 
  18. After taking out you can decorate it with cilantro leaves, sauce or cream.
  19. *** You can make different combination of layers and can make various designs as shown in the pictures.***
The delicious Ratatouille is ready... :)
Serve Hot and Enjoy!
Last but not the least - please give your valuable feedback.


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