Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Never Interrupt Me When I'm Eating A Banana!!!

Hii everyone,

Well in reality no body interrupted me for having a banana but I wrote those lines for a simple reason to show that how important it is to have a banana. With taste what else do we get from a banana? So to instigate these quest in your mind I gave this article this wonderful title.

So, what are the benefits of having bananas on regular basis. Let's have a look at the following.

  1. It helps in reducing depression.
  2. It provides a very essential nutrient "Vitamin B6", which helps in regulating the glucose level in our body.
  3. It fights with anemia as it contains iron that further helps in building hemoglobin in our body.
  4. It helps in increasing the brain power due to its rich potassium content.
  5. It is a tropical fruit that is rich in potassium but has low salt content, helps in maintaining the blood pressure and stroke of our body.
  6. Improves constipation. Due to its rich fiber content, the body naturally restores the normal bowel procedures.
  7. It has natural antacids to cure from heartburn.
  8. Due its rich content of Vitamin B, it helps in calming the nervous system.
  9. It balances over-acidity and reduces the irritation as it coats the stomach.
  10. It helps in controlling the tremperature both physically and emotionally.
  11. The most important benefit of having banana is that it reduces stress. As, potassium is an essential component that is used to normalize the breathing and to send required oxygen to the brain. When we get the stress our metabolic rate increases by reducing the potassium content of our body. So, such high potassium fruits like bananas helps in reducing the stress.
Best time to eat Banana

Well there is no specific time to have banana but it is a very good practice to have bananas in breakfast. It helps in relaxing our body and also gives bountiful energy for our mundane work!!!

So, enjoy banana and your life!!!

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